Electronic Initial Public Offerings Service (e-IPO)

Public Offerings have been considered an important source of financing  establishing companies, as well as increasing companies' capital,  enhancing its successful growth, and improvement of the corporate image as a whole.

Since its establishment, the SDC has sought to provide investors with added value services in an automated environment. Thus, the SDC has the pleasure to provide this new service: the Electronic Initial Public Offering Service “e-IPO” through its website. The e-IPO service is an internet application service provided by the SDC to allow investors to subscribe in Public Offerings through filling subscription forms electronically and printing them.

The e-IPO service aims to reduce time and effort required for subscription, as well as reducing mistakes and human errors through attaining a higher level of data accuracy. In addition, this service provides all necessary information regarding the public offerings available through this service including the prospectus memorandum and the articles of association of  the concerned issuer.

e-IPO Service Instructions

Following are the necessary procedures to benefit of the e-IPO service:

1. Using your personal computer, connect to the internet and enter the SDC website.
2. Click on “e-Services” on the homepage of the SDC website.
3. Click on “Login” under e-IPO from the available e-services list.
4. Read the Terms and Conditions for using the e-IPO Service carefully, these Terms and Conditions are an indivisible division of the service, if you accept all the stated terms and conditions and you wish to continue click “Accept” for acknowledgment. If you do not accept the terms and conditions click “Reject”
5. After you accept, a list of all available current Public Offerings will appear in addition to previous Public Offerings and as well as a list of the upcoming offerings.
6. Select the Subscription form for  the issuer you wish to subscribe in its' offered securities from the current public offerings list to view the issuance information and  read it carefully  to evaluate the public offering , this information includes the following:
  a. A summary of the Public Offer which includes information regarding:
    •  Issuer Information
    •  Issuance Information
  b. A summary of the prospectus.
  c. Issuance attachments
    •  Prospectus
    •  Memorandum of Association
    •  Articles of Association
7. Click the check box of acknowledgment, to recognize that you have reviewed and studied all the content of the prospectus and the companies' memorandum and articles of association thoroughly and understood them, consequently, your wish to subscribe in the companies' issued shares and on your full responsibility, then click “Continue”, otherwise click “Cancel”.
8. Enter your SDC number in the specified field, then enter the letters that appear in the box on the page in the Word Checking area.
9. Select “Continue” to continue the process or select “Cancel” if otherwise.
10. Enter the subscription form information which include the following:
  a. Personal information of the subscriber which includes name, date of birth, gender, investor classification, nationality and mother’s name.
  b. Details of identification document which include type of ID, ID number, date of issuance, date of termination.
  c. Details of the subscriber’s address which include street address, postal address, telephone, mobile number, fax and e-mail.
  d. Number of securities that the investor wishes to subscribe to.
  e. Choose the payment method whether in cash, debit account, cheque or credit card.
11. Click the check box of acknowledgment, to acknowledge that all the  filled information are correct and complete and that you are fully liable for any  responsibility that may arise as a result of lack the correctness, accuracy or completeness of any of that information, otherwise click “Cancel”.
12. You will be linked to the website of the selected authorized financial institution to enable online payment of the subscription.
13. Once you complete the details of payment, a message will appear from the authorized financial institution on the payment status.
14. Payments through the selected authorized financial institution shall be without the SDC incurring any liability or responsibility.
15. Select “Continue”, the status of the subscription form and its number will appear. If it is stated that the form has been successfully completed, download the file for printing.
16. Print the subscription form after it is returned to you and displayed in Adobe Acrobat. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection; it may take several minutes to download the completed copy of the form. 
17. The Subscriber shall submit the subscription form signed by him/her along with a copy of his/her personal identification document to the bank designated by the issuer to receive subscription forms and pay the amounts that represent the value of the subscription in securities during the specified subscription period.


Important Notice
 1. It is not permitted for more than one person to participate in one subscription application in the offered shares by virtue of the Jordanian Companies Law.
 2. Fictitious subscriptions or subscription in fictitious names are prohibited and considered invalid by virtue of the Jordan Companies Law.
 3. The SDC does not charge subscribers any fees for using the e-IPO service.
 4. For any enquiries about subscription procedures, you can call us at +962 6 5672788 during office hours as follows: Sundays-Thursdays  8:00AM to 16:00PM
Fridays-Saturdays                  Closed Public Holidays                      Closed Or e-mail us at or send a fax at +962 6 5672590