Terms and Conditions

e-Portfolio Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the relationship between the Securities Depository Center (SDC) and any user who submits to the SDC a Subscription form to benefit from the “E-portfolio” service ”, provided by the SDC through its website and constitutes an integral part of the registration form presented and duly signed by the user of the SDC for this purpose. The User acknowledges that he has read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions, without prejudice to the right of the SDC to amend all or any part of it thereof at any time and to consider the amendment effective from the date of notice sent to the user in the manner the SDC deems appropriate. In order to activate this service, the user must agree to all the terms and conditions set forth below:

The following words and phrases, wherever used in these terms and conditions shall have the meanings ascribed to them hereunder unless the context indicates otherwise:
  The SDC : The Securities Depository Center
  The User : :The Securities owner (account(s)’ holder) whose subscription in this electronic service has been accepted. The user bears the full responsibility that may result of using this service.
  The Service : The “e-portfolio” service that the SDC agrees to grant it to the users through electronic channels which enables the user to view deposited securities’ balances, all trading transactions executed thereto, and other services the SDC may add on this channel from time to time.
The use of this service is limited to the user subscribed in the service, and assumes all risks and / or liability arising from the use of the service and the use of information and data provided through it.
The SDC shall have the right at any time to impose fees it deems appropriate for the provision of this service and inform the user accordingly.
The user agrees that the SDC has the right to suspend and / or cancel and / or to withhold the service at any time and for such period as it deems appropriate without informing the user and without stating the reasons.
The user may request to suspend and / or cancel his subscription to the service by a written request submitted to the SDC.
The person who uses the user name and password assigned to access the service and view the securities accounts and any of the confidential information contained therein shall be deemed the owner of this account and authorized to view his ownership of the deposited securities and without any liability arising from any misuse that might occur thereto.
The user alone bears all responsibility which may be caused by the use of the username and password to view his accounts of the deposited securities, whether by authorization of the owner and with his consent or otherwise. The SDC shall not be liable for any damage that may arise as a result.
The user shall maintain the username and password provided to him by the SDC and keep it in a safe place. In case the user name and / or password is lost, kindly refer to the SDC.
The service shall be stopped temporarily if the username and / or password was incorrectly entered three times in succession, and the user shall refer to the SDC to reactivate the service.
The information regarding securities deposited in the accounts and the trades that occur thereto are published as they are provided to the SDC daily by the Amman Stock Exchange. The user shall refer to the concerned broker to enquire of any trades that occur to those accounts.
The entry records and the accounts maintained by the SDC, whether manually or electronically, as well as any document issued by the SDC, shall constitute prima facie legal evidence of ownership, registration, transfer of ownership and Settlement of the securities, at the prices and on the dates stated in those records, accounts or documents. Therefore, the extracts printed by the user shall not be considered as legal evidence of ownership and the details indicated therein. These extracts shall not serve in any way as statements duly signed and sealed by the SDC.
The information regarding deposited securities' accounts shall be updated and published through “e-portfolio” service as of the latest update made by the SDC on the date stated below, which appears when the user enter this service.
The SDC has the right, and without stating the reasons, to amend or change these terms and conditions with informing the user. The user accepts that if he wishes to continue to benefit from this service to abide by any amendments or changes made by the SDC to these terms and conditions; in addition to any other terms and conditions imposed in the future
The user acknowledges not to hold the SDC for any liability or claims that may arise from the use of this service, including but not limited to the suspension of the service by the SDC for any reason, or any technical problems or problems related to the network, software or equipment or otherwise or any incidents of "force majeure" such as acts of God, fire, war, acts of terrorism, uprising, riots, communications, power outages and any other cause beyond the reasonable administration of the SDC.
The SDC assumes no liability for any error and / or defect in the Software used by the user and / or any additional software and / or devices that may threaten the security and effectiveness of the service. Moreover, the SDC expressly disclaims any liability for any damage or viruses that may infect your computer and the user alone shall bear all the consequences arising therefrom.
The user acknowledges that he understood all the terms and conditions. The use of this service is subject to these terms and conditions and any other conditions the SDC implements from time to time in this regard. The instructions for using this service mentioned in the SDC website is an integral part of these Terms & Conditions.
These Terms & Conditions are governed in accordance with the laws in force in the Kingdom.
All electronic services provided by the SDC and all the services offered through its website including “e-portfolio” service and all its contents as well as these Terms & Conditions, are considered an exclusive property of the SDC and all copyrights are reserved for the SDC.