Public Service

The goals of public service:

  1. Develop and improve performance and services offered and enhance transparency.
  2. Provide standardized, high quality services within official working hours according by using the latest technologies.
  3. Focus on providing multiple means of access to services, whether in person or through technology methods.
  4. Know clients' needs and seek to meet them.
  5. Overcoming communication obstacles.
  6. Identifying the Needs of Clients and Striving to Meet Them.

Questionnaire to measure needs and satisfaction of service recipient

We emphasize the necessity of transferring the data entered into the content management system, analyzing it comprehensively, and generating specific graphs. Additionally, we grant the content management system user the ability to request analysis within a specified timeframe.

First: General Knowledge
Educational level
Second: Service type (You can select more than one service)
Service type
Third: How to get the Information
The way you prefer to find out the requirements to complete the transactions
Fourth: Service Requirements
Provided services are specified and published
The transactions are accomplished on time without delay
The procedures of completing the transaction are clear and complete
Number of employees responsible to provide service is sufficient
Service fees are reasonable
Fifth: SDC staff
SDC's employees provide the services efficiently and effectively
SDC's employees are dedicated to complete your transaction
SDC's employees deal with you gently
SDC's employees comply with deadlines for completion the transactions
The service recipient touch the spirit of cooperation between the SDC staff
General appearance of the SDC 's staff is decent
SDC's employees deal with people with special needs appropriately
Sixth: Location of providing service and available facilities
The SDC's location is appropriate
The SDC's building is decent
Signboards, forms, and brochures are adequate, comprehensive and obtainable
Suggestion and complaint forms are available in a clear location
The SDC provides public services (such as waiting spaces, drinking water, places of prayer,…)
Communication means with SDC's employees are available
The design of the SDC building considers the people with special needs
Seventh: Website
The SDC website is easy to browse and to get information from it
The SDC website comprehends the service requirements
The electronic services that are available on the SDC website are easy to use
The website provides an area for complaints and suggestions
Notes and suggestions
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