Terms and Conditions

e-IPO Service Terms & Conditions  

The use of this service  provided by the Securities Depository Center (SDC) is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned below (hereinafter referred to as the Terms & Conditions) and the subscriber should carefully read and understand these Terms & Conditions before benefiting of this service through the SDC’s website. Thereby, by selecting the "Accept" button displayed at the end of the Terms & Conditions, the Subscriber will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by all these Terms & Conditions. 

1. General Terms:
  •     The SDC shall bear no responsibility for investment feasibility in the offered shares available through this service, where it is not considered, in any way, a financial consultant for the subscriber and the information published on the SDC’s website does not represent an invitation or an advice or a consultation for the subscriber to subscribe in any of the available Offerings  through this service or not participating in it whatsoever.
  •  The SDC shall bear no responsibility for the information correctness regarding the available Offerings through this service, where all the information were published as provided to the SDC by the concerned issuance manager and the issuer and on their full responsibility.
  •  The SDC shall not be considered, in any way, a representative for the subscriber or his agent, and shall not submit the subscription form  to any party or precede the procedures on the subscriber’s behalf.
  •  The use of this service is subject to these Terms & Conditions and any other terms and conditions related to the this service that SDC may prescribe from time to time including those set out in the online application guideline or elsewhere on the website which are considered an indivisible division of the service .
  •  The SDC reserves the right to change any of the Terms & Conditions related to the e-IPO service without prior notice, whereas the changes are viewed within the Terms & Conditions published on the SDC's website.
  •  The Public Offering is subject to the terms and conditions of the Public Offering's prospectus.
  •  The use of this service is prohibited for persons under 18 years old, and every user is considered legally competent and eligible to use this service to apply for the available offerings.
  •  The user acknowledges not to hold the SDC responsible for any claims that may arise between any parties as a result of using this service,  including but not limited, suspending this service for any reason, or any malfunction or technical problems concerning the network, programs or hardware or else, or any delay that may arise as a result. Or any as a result of force majeure occurrence such as act of God / Fate and destiny, fire, war, terrorism acts, insurrection, riot, communications, power failure, or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the SDC.   
  •  The user acknowledges not to hold the SDC responsible for any losses, expenses, penalties, core judgments, damage and any attorney's fees that could possibly arise as a result of using this service through the SDC's website whatsoever.
  •  Only Subscribers with an SDC’s Investor Number are able to use this service. The SDC Investor Number is the National Identification Number (NIN) for natural Jordanian persons issued by the Jordanian civil status and passport department or a unique number issued by the SDC for non-Jordanians and other entities.
  •  These Terms & Conditions, the subscription forms and any other information regarding the e-IPO are available in both Arabic and English versions, however, any dissimilarity found between the two versions, the Arabic version is the dominant.
  •  The subscription forms are available in both Arabic and English through this  service. However, as per Jordanian legislations it is the Arabic version of the subscription form which is acceptable.
  •  The SDC has the right to authorize any party to offer the e-IPO service on behalf of the SDC or any part of this service for subscribers.
  •  These Terms & Conditions are subject to the laws in force in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  •  The SDC is not considered a part in any conflict that may arise between the subscriber and/or the issuance manager and/or the issuer regarding the use of this service.
  •  Amman courts have the sole jurisdiction to resolve any conflict arising as a result of the use of this service. 
  •  The SDC's role is limited to providing the e-IPO service by enabling the investors to complete the  subscription forms electronically through its website, on the other hand, the use of this service is the subscriber's sole responsibility with no intervention from the SDC, and the SDC is not responsible in any way for the incorrectness, inaccuracy or incompleteness of any information whether it is provided to the SDC by the issuance manager or filled by the concerned subscriber where the relationship is direct between the subscriber, the issuer and the issuance manager.
  •  The Subscriber acknowledges the validity and accuracy of data filled by him/her through this service, including but not limited his/her address and he/she  authorize the SDC to use this information for  the SDC’s database as the SDC deems fit.
  •  This service is provided on the SDC's website without any guarantees of any kind.
  It is understood that many risks may arise when completing the electronic procedures in the subscription of the e-IPO through this service, such as interruption or delay in transmitting data due to network congestion, or data corruption, etc…
  All electronic services provided by the SDC and all the services offered through its website including the e-IPO and all its contents as well as these Terms & Conditions, are considered an exclusive property of the SDC and all copyrights are reserved for the SDC.
2. Subscriber Obligations:
  Each Subscriber should read the Terms & Conditions of using this service and shall acknowledge his/her agreement and approval to abide by these Terms & Conditions.
  Each subscriber shall acknowledge that he/she read the memorandum and articles of association of the Issuer, the prospectus of the public offer and any other relevant documents and shall acknowledge his/her agreement and approval to abide by its contents.
  Each Subscriber should comply with the public offer’s conditions for minimum single subscription for Securities in respect of quantity and/or any other requirements as prescribed in the prospectus of the relevant public offering. Any form which does not fully comply with such requirements may not be approved later.
  Each Subscriber acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for independently determining to complete a subscription form for securities in respect of a public offer and to seek independent professional advice on legal and other issues in connection with the use of the SDC’s e-IPO Service.
  Each Subscriber should make his/her decision whether to subscribe in the Public Offering based on the prospectus and other documents relevant of the Public Offering.
  The SDC shall bear no responsibility for any loss that may incur as a result of any decision the subscriber makes related to investing in the public offerings available through this service.
  •  The subscriber shall be solely responsible for lack of validity or accuracy or completeness of any of the information he/she fills through this service without holding the SDC responsible whatsoever.
  •  It is not permitted for more than one person to participate in one subscription application in the offered shares by virtue of the Jordanian Companies Law.
  Fictitious subscriptions or subscription in fictitious names are prohibited and shall be considered invalid.
  The subscriber is prohibited to change, cancel, scratch off or strike off any of the contents of the subscription form after printing it.
 3. Subscription Form Filling:
  Filling the subscription form through the  SDC’s website does not imply the issuer’s acceptance for the subscription form; neither the completion of the offered securities purchase.
  The Subscriber shall print the subscription form after filing it properly, and submit it to the designated bank for receiving the subscription forms signed by him/her along with a copy of his/her personal identification document and pay the amount that represent the value of the subscription in shares during the specified subscription period.
  The Issuer of a Public Offering shall be solely responsible for approving the subscription forms for the Offered securities.
  It is the Issuer’s responsibility to allocate the shares offered for subscribers in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. The Issuer shall be responsible for taking the necessary measures to return the excess amount to the subscribers.