e-Portfolio Service

Derived from the SDC’s concern to provide the highest level of services to investors and for the purpose of enabling the investor to follow up his investments and to view the information related to his deposited securities’ accounts and obtain statements or documents regarding his ownership, the SDC developed the “e-portfolio service” to enable the investor to view all securities’ accounts whether his accounts at the SDC’s central registry or accounts maintained by SDC members (brokers or custodians). This service also enables the investor to view all transactions executed to his accounts.  

e-Portfolio Service Instructions

1. Click on “Login” on the homepage of the SDC website or select the “e-portfolio service” from the electronic services list.
2. If you are a new user, click on the “New User” tab and fill out the “E-portfolio Subscription Form”, and visit the SDC with you the filled form to obtain your username and password.
3. Type the username and password provided to you by the SDC.
4. Click on “I’m not a robot” to verify of a human use, and press “Login”.
5. If you do not click on “I’m not a robot” before pressing “Login”, the following sentence will appear “Please complete the security check to login.
6. After logging in, the general & special terms and conditions screen will appear and since you are going to enter a private area and upon your own responsibility, you should read all the terms and condition carefully. If you agree to all the stated terms & conditions and you wish to activate the service click “I Agree”. Then click on “Continue” button.
7. If you are entering to use the service for the first time, you are requested to change your password. 
8. After activation, you will be able to view account information and data entered by your broker or custodian.
9. Through this service, you can view all securities’ accounts either maintained at the SDC’s central registry or maintained by SDC members (brokers or custodians) in details. The reports provided by this service enable the investor to obtain ownership information related to specific securities, all transactions executed to his accounts and other information on the SDC’s database.
10. You can logout from the service at any time by clicking on “Logout” which is available on the top of the screen.
Important notices:
You may change the password at any time later through the system.