Operational Systems

Operational Systems

Based on the SDC’s concern to follow-up the latest technological developments that are compatible with the international standards, the framework of legislations, and by-laws, the SDC has developed its technical infrastructure that has improved the performance level, services provided to its members, and the audience of investors in securities. 

The SDC publishes all the information for the interested investors through its website on the Internet www.sdc.com.jo. .

Based on the SDC directive to use the technology optimally to save time and effort, the SDC has launched a range of electronic services through its website including online account viewing, electronic initial public offering (e-IPO) and members’ services including mailbox and members’ area..

The SDC’s electronic environment also includes a range of electronic systems which include electronic archiving system, accounting system and human affairs administration that contribute in time and effort reduction and improving the efficiency of the SDC’s employees..

The SDC also continued updating the external technical telecommunication network using modern, safer and high speed technology. The SDC also adopts latest technology in the information technology to provide the highest communication levels for all its members, and accommodate the increasing number of communication lines with the SDC. The number of SDC members linked to the SDC’s network reached (359) participants distributed in different parts of the Kingdom. This will enable the SDC to redirect its members from the main site to the business continuity site in case of an emergency in order to ensure continuity in providing the services to its members by linking them to the SDC.