Imposing and releasing the ownership restrictions upon deposited securities

The SDC is considered the entity concerned with imposing and releasing ownership restrictions of deposited securities, according to the following:

  • Lien hjnbv
    The SDC by virtue of the provisions of law undertakes the responsibility of authenticating lien restrictions in its registers upon securities deposited at the SDC after receiving the decision to impose the lien issued by counts and competent authorities. The SDC has developed an electronic lien system dedicated to the use of official authorities to impose lien over the movable and immovable funds with the aim of simplifying the procedures of placing and releasing lien for the benefit of those authorities so that it is done automatically and electronically to save time, effort and cost in a way that is in the public interest and ensuring the collection of treasury funds and rights.
  • Pledge
    The SDC undertakes the responsibility of placing and releasing upon securities deposited at the SDC according to the provisions of instructions of the Registration, Deposit and Settlement of Securities. The SDC developed a special electronic system for pledgee banks. This System enables pledgees (banks) to serve their customers by completing placing and releasing pledge through the system within the framework of electronic procedures that guarantee accuracy, speed and efficiency.
  • Freezing
    The SDC provides all investors with a service of freezing ownership of deposited securities so that any member of the SDC is prevented from disposing of them.