Registration, safekeeping, and depositing of securities

The SDC undertakes the responsibility of registering and safekeeping ofssss securities after the completion of the procedures of registering them at the (Jordan Securities Commission -JSC) according to the requirements and specifications for that purpose,  which were organized by the Instructions of the Registration, Deposit and Settlement of Securities.

It should be noted that the registration of securities at the SDC is mandatory for all public shareholding companies (issuers of securities).

This process includes depositing the records of the owners of securities and authenticating them in the SDC database completely and accurately based on their information.

The records at the SDC are legal evidence of ownership of the securities, including the authentication of all changes made to them in accordance with the relevant legislation.

The SDC executes the necessary changes to the capital of public shareholding companies registered with it and the actions taken by securities issuers, which are represented in the following: including:

  1. Increasing Capital through:
    • Merger.
    • Increasing the authorized and/or subscribed capital.
    • Stock Splits.
  2. Decreasing of Capital.
  3. Redemption of sukuk, bonds, and corporate bonds.

The SDC has been recognized by the Association of National Numbering Agencies Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) and the JSC as the sole numbering agency in Jordan for the assignment of all codes.