Changing Investor Information

The SDC shall change the identification data of the investors identified on the SDC's database upon the investor's request.

Persons benefiting from the service

Identified investors on the SDC's database.

Conditions of obtaining the service

The investor must be identified on the SDC's database.

  1. The concerned person or his legal representative must submit the Change Investor Information Form to the SDC's customer service staff or through a written letter from the broker or custodian.
  2. The concerned employee verifies the correctness of the required changes based upon the provided documents.
  3. The concerned employee collects the fees for executing the transaction.
  4. The concerned employee changes the investor information.
Required Documents
  1. If the information is changed through the SDC: identification document and supporting documents to make the change.
  2. If the information is changed through the broker or custodian: a written letter from the broker or custodian including the information to be changed and the supporting documents.
Estimated Time
  1. 15 minutes
  2. If the required change is the investor name then it takes one business day.

Headquarter of the SDC.

Partner institutions
  1. Broker
  2. Custodian
Estimated Fees

The SDC shall collect (250) Two hundred and fifty fils as fees for updating investor information on the SDC’s database.