Inquire about ownership restrictions (Pledge, Lien, and Freezing)

The SDC undertakes the task of placing and releasing ownership restrictions against deposited securities (Pledge, Lien, and Freezing).

Persons benefiting from the service
  • Securities' owners.
  • Amman Stock Exchange.
  • Jordan Securities Commission.
  • Courts and competent governmental bodies.
Conditions of obtaining the service
  1. Receiving the inquiry request from courts or competent authority to investigate about the ownership of securities.
  2. A letter of inquiry from the Amman Stock Exchange attached with the sale decision issued by the official authorities.
  3. A written request from the concerned investor, including an investigation of the details of ownership restrictions on his ownership of securities.
  1. Receiving the inquiry request
  2. The concerned employee inquiries about the existence of a deposited ownership and any restrictions on it.
  3. Preparing a letter includes the result of the query.
Required Documents

Inquiry Request/ Letter.

Estimated Time

One business day.


Headquarter of the SDC.

Partner institutions


Estimated Fees

The SDC does not charge a commission for providing this service.