Investor Identification and Securities Account Set-up

The investors are identified, and securities accounts are established on the SDC’s database through its electronic systems, where a unique number is issued for each investor called the “SDC Investor Number”. The SDC number is the National Identification Number (NIN) for natural Jordanian persons or a unique number issued by the SDC to non-Jordanians and other entities.

Persons benefiting from the service

Those wishing to invest in the Jordanian capital market.

Conditions of obtaining the service


  1. Through the SDC directly, in any of the following two cases:
    • Upon the request of the investor
    • Upon the request of the issuer (public shareholding company)
      • The company sends a letter containing a request to identify a non-depository shareholder, or a representative of the legal members of the Board of Directors, or a member of the senior management, accompanied by a copy of the identification documents of the person whose identification is required and his address data.
      • The authorized employee enters the investor's data on the SDC’s database after checking that all requirements have been met.
      • Print the notice of identification and send it to the concerned company by virtue of an official letter that is sealed and return it to the SDC.
  2. Through the broker or custodian
  • The investor submits the Investor Identification and Account Opening Form to identify him in the SDC's electronic systems.
  • The broker / custodian enters the investor's data on the SDC's database through the brokers or custodians electronic system and sends the identification notice and supporting documents sealed and signed by him to the SDC.
  • The concerned employee verifies the completion of the requirements of the identification process on the SDC's database.
  • The broker or custodian shall be informed of the completion of the identification process electronically.
  • Natural Jordanian investors are identified directly through broker/ custodian without the SDC's intervention. The identification of this category of investors does not require sending supporting documents or any requests to the SDC, as the entire process is done through the broker or custodian and on his full responsibility.
Required Documents
Estimated Time

15 minutes


1.Headquarter of the SDC, if identification is done directly through the SDC.
2.Broker or custodian, if identification is done through brokers or custodians.

Partner institutions

3.Public shareholding companies

Estimated Fees

1.The SDC shall not collect fees in return for providing this service if provided directly through it.
2.The SDC shall collect from its member (broker, custodian) (250) Two hundred and fifty fils as fees for each account.