Releasing the pledge through the SDC directly

The SDC undertakes the task of releasing a pledge upon deposited securities through the SDC directly not for the benefit of local banks using the Electronic Pledge System. As the process of releasing the pledge is carried out based on a request submitted to the SDC directly by the pledgee.

Persons benefiting from the service


Conditions of obtaining the service

Submitting the release of pledged securities form and signed by the pledgee in front of the authorized employee at the SDC.

  1. The pledgee fills out the form Release of Pledged Securities Form and attaches it to a cover letter with the necessary supporting documents and submits it to the SDC.
  2. The SDC receives the request to release the pledge on the securities for the purposes of auditing and verifying the completion of the requirements
  3. Executing the process of releasing the pledgee securities by the SDC.
  4. Informing the pledgee of executing of the pledge process by virtue of a letter issued for this purpose indicating the address mentioned in the pledge form.
Required Documents
  1. A valid copy of the identification documents for the pledgee
  2. In case of a legal representative, the power of attorney must fulfill the conditions for its accreditation with the SDC.
  3. Covering letter from the pledgee or his legal representative requesting  the SDC to release the pledge.
Estimated Time

One business day.


Headquarter of the SDC.

Partner institutions


Estimated Fees