International Standards

The Securities Depository Center performs the tasks entrusted to it by law in relation to the securities registration, deposit, safekeeping, transfer of ownership, clearing and settlement in accordance with the most prominent international standards applied in the areas of central registration, clearing and settlement, and post-trade services.

These international standards are issued by accredited international bodies and specialized technical committees in the field of infrastructure for capital markets and the financial institutions in which they operate.

The SDC has been always keen to follow up on developments and principles issued by such specialized international bodies to ensure that its tasks and operations are in line with these standards which target building a comprehensive and sound framework for financial institutions, providing for effective risk management, promoting proper governance structures and enabling financial markets to work under various conditions.

Within this portal, and to enhance local and foriegn investors’  confidence in the Jordanian Securities depository Center,  and to increase transparency, the SDC publishes the reports and assessments related to its performance and main operations, presenting the level of adherence with international standards and best practices, enabling the investor to review aspects of the SDC’s compliance with these Standards, the most prominent of which are as follows: