Student Delegation from the Judicial Institute of Jordan visits Jordan Capital Market Institutions

The Jordan capital market institutions, represented by Jordan Securities Commission, Amman Stock Exchange, and Securities Depository Center, received a student delegation from the Judicial Institute of Jordan on Tuesday 16/04/2024 with the aim of having a general view about the mechanism of work of capital market institutions through a presentation of the objectives, services they provide and the legislations governing their activities.

The SDC took a part in reception of the student delegation. Mr. Ahmad Al-Daoud, CEO Assistance for Technical Affairs and Mr.Amr Al-Dabbas Head of Legal Department presented comprehensive view about SDC establishment, goals, obsessive tasks “safekeeping, depositing, transferring of securities. Delivery versus Payment was explained as fundamental international principle embodied in clearing and settlement tasks, hereby delivery of sold securities is against payment of funds, in addition to measures taken to implement decisions issued by official authorities.

An open fruitful discussion related to all aspects of the Jordan capital market and its institutions functions where the last stage of the delegation visit.