The Number Identification Securities International (ISIN) is a code which uniquely identifies a specific security or other financial instrument, it consists of twelve digits.

This code identifies its composition.

The ISIN code serves for uniform identification of a security at trading and settlement.

The SDC provides through its website a list of ISIN for all securities issued in Jordan on the following link:



The Classification of Financial Instruments (CFI) consists of six alphabetical characters that classify financial instruments reflecting the financial instrument characteristics since its issue and remain unchanged during its entire lifetime.

The first letter is the category, the second is the group, and the remaining letters show special attributes of the group. This code identifies its composition.

  1. The CFI code system provides a set of codes which can be used by all market participants in an electronic data processing environment and permits electronic communication between participants.
  2. The development of these codes will encourage market participants to take advantage of other ISO Standards, particularly ISINs to simplify the communication process among market participants.
  3. The improved understanding of the characteristics of financial instruments will lead to a better understanding by investors, giving them more confidence to make investment decisions and leading to more active markets and the resulting improvement in market liquidity.

The Financial Instrument Short Name (FISN) is developed to uniform and standardise short names for financial instruments. This code incorporates the issuer short name and the abbreviated characteristics for the financial instrument. It has a maximum length of 35 alphanumeric characters.

The FISN code is developed to facilitate for its users to read and understand it (human-readability).