Investors need to transfer securities from the SDC's central registry to an account maintained by a broker in order to sell their securities. The conditions that must be fulfilled to complete the transfer include the following:

  1. The investor status must be active.
  2. The account status must be active.
  3. The document status complete.
  4. The balance covers the transferred amount.

No, the SDC's electronic system allows each broker to access information related to accounts maintained by him, therefore, brokers are not able to sell securities maintained in the Central Registry or by other brokers or obtain any information related.

Yes, the investor can ask his broker to transfer securities maintained by him to the Central Registry account by requesting the broker to do so.

In such cases, the broker has to transfer the securities back to the Central Registry, then the other broker whom the investor wishes to deal with may transfer these securities from the Central Registry to an account maintained by him.