Student Delegation from the Zarqa University visits Jordan Capital Market Institutions

Jordan capital market institutions hosted a student delegation, from the Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of the Zarqa University, on 03/01/2024 to get a general view about the most prominent accomplishments and developments achieved by the Jordan capital market.

The SDC took a part in reception of the student delegation. Mr. Ahmad Al-Daoud, Head of the Operations Department welcomed the delegation and presented a brief explanation about the SDC and its business.

Mr. Najd Al-Najdawi, Director of Registration Department , and Mr. Jafar Al-Suwailameen, Head of Clearing and Settlement Section in the Operations Department, presented a comprehensive presentation that included the SDC’s tasks, which include registering, depositing securities, settling their prices, and the operations that take place on them, including ownership restrictions, transfers exempted from trading through the market, and corporate actions, in accordance with the latest international standards that it ensures the protection for investors and securities dealers, and enhances the principle of transparency and disclosure to provide investors with the necessary information.

An open fruitful discussion related to all aspects of the Jordan capital market and its institutions functions where the last stage of the delegation visit.