security Information

Security No. 150181 Security Name Public Entity Bonds 69 (6.484%)
Reuter Code PB69 ISIN JO5034200691
CFI Code
D =  Debt Instruments  
B =  Bonds  
F =  Fixed Rate  
T =  Government/Treasury Guarantee  
F =  Fixed maturity  
R =  Registered  
FISN WAT AUTH/6.484 BD 20261110 GOVT GTD
Security Type Bonds Security Category Public Entity Bond Security Status Traded
Issue No. 69 Nominal Value 1,000.00 Issue Date 10-11-2016
No. of Interest Payments 2 Interest Rate 6.484 % Maturity Date 10-11-2026
No. of issued securities 43,000 Total value of issued securities 43,000,000
No. of redeemed securities 0 Redeemed value of issuance 0
No. of active securities 43,000 Value of outstanding issuance 43,000,000
Traded Securities 43,000 Trading Currency Jordanian Dinar
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