Before the investor can buy and/or sell securities, and carry out any other transactions upon securities, it is necessary to open an account at the SDC database where the SDC issues a unique number for each investor called the "SDC Investor Number" by which the investor is identified in all parts of the SDC’s electronic systems and the securities’ ownership of investor is connected to that number.

Investors are identified on the SDC systems in one of the following methods:

  • 1.Through the SDC: The investor submits Investor Identification on the Securities Depository Center's Database Form to the SDC to be identified on the SDC electronic systems. The form should include the identification document and the full address.
  • 2.Through the broker or custodian: The investor submits Investor Identification and Account Opening Form through one of them. This form should include the identification document. The Broker or Custodian, in turn, verifies the investor's information and submits the investor's form to the SDC.

The SDC Number for the investor shall be as follows:

  • Identity Card issued by the Civil Status and Passport Department.
  • Passport issued by the Civil Status and Passport Department.
1. Investor account at the SDC: an account that is opened on the SDC’s Database (central registry) to conduct transactions through the SDC.
2. Investor account maintained by the SDC’s broker: an account that is opened for the purposes of trading in securities in the ASE.
  • The securities accounts shall include the following:

  • The information and data related to the owner of the security.

  • The balance of securities deposited in the accounts.

  • The movements related to the transfers and ownership transfers of securities.

  • Any ownership restrictions imposed on the deposited securities.

Investors accounts that may be opened on the SDC’s Database shall be divided as follows:

Independent Account: an account that is opened for one person only (natural or judicial).
Joint Account: an account that can be opened for two persons or more where the ownership of securities shall be registered in the joint name. It shall not be permitted to open joint accounts except for the purposes of selling securities registered in the name of two persons or more, only.
Margin Account: an account opened by a Broker licensed by the Commission to provide margin financing for its clients.
Custody account: an account opened by the Broker and linked to an independent custody account opened with the Custodian.

Yes, an investor can open different account types with different brokers, but he cannot open more than one account of the same type with the same broker.

The investor can change or update information related to his account through broker or the SDC by submitting Change Investor Information Form supported with the necessary documents. Then the SDC update the required information. The investor’s information that can be updated: name, nationality and address.