The investor (securities owner) may obtain a securities balance statement for a specific date by submitting Notification of Securities' Ownership Form and according to the following:

  • Ownership balance for all securities with all members.
  • Ownership balance for all securities with a specific member.
  • Ownership balance of  specific securities with all members.
  • Ownership balance of specific securities with a specific member.

Yes, by submitting Statement of Securities' Account Form where the investor will be given all the details of the transactions executed by a specific member.

Yes, the investor can view securities’ accounts online through “e-portfolio” service whether his accounts at the SDC’s central registry or accounts maintained by SDC members (brokers or custodians). This service also enables the investor to view all transactions executed to his accounts.

This service can be accessed electronically through the SDC’s website www.sdc.com.jo, then click on Eservices.

To get this free service, fill the “E-portfolio Subscription Form” then please visit the SDC to hand this form and obtain your own username and password.

The concerned person or any of his legal heirs or his legal representative by virtue of power of attorney duly organized conferred upon him or the commissioner under an authorization certified by a local bank or a certificate of authorization issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade conferred this.

The investor is entitled to obtain a statement of account from his broker which illustrates all the transactions executed by that broker.

The investor/ owner of non-deposited securities can refer to the public shareholding companies to inquire about his non-deposited ownership to be duly deposited at the SDC, however, if the investor is deceased, the inheritors should present a letter issued by a sharia court addressed to the SDC includes a request to inquire about the deceased’s ownerships, the SDC then replies the court’s request regarding the deposited ownership and submits official circulars to the public shareholding companies to reply the court regarding the non-deposit ownership.