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Important Events
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19-11-2019 The JSCs Statement regarding the restructuring of the SDC
04-10-2018 The SDC introduces "Electronic Portfolio" Service
29-01-2017 The Securities Depository Center and the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management sign the Disaster Recovery Site Hosting and Services Agreement
31-08-2016 The Securities Depository Center and the Social Security Corporation sign the Electronic Lien Services Agreement
17-11-2015 Mr. Khalil Naser is the SDCs CEO
04-10-2015 SDC holds meetings with its members of Custodians and Financial Brokers
28-06-2015 Launching legislations regulates Islamic finance Sukuk
28-06-2015 The SDC Joins the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)
10-05-2009 The SDC and ASE completed the procedures of Tight Coupling
10-06-2007 Securities Depository Center's Web Site Collects Awards
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